Spring 2012 Collection

For our Spring 2012 collection, we are re-imagining textiles from India that have been used there for centuries as sarees, kurtas, sheets, and wall decorations.

Our clean, modern designs bring these textiles home to you as dresses that your child will feel comfortable wearing on the playground or to a party. Wherever she is, she’ll look uniquely stylish in our truly cosmopolitan designs. We hope you enjoy this journey from east to west as much as we have!



Block Prints

Rajasthan, a desert state in northwestern India, is the home of hand-block printing.

Artisans today still employ age old techniques to produce these wonderfully colorful and unique textiles.

The process of block printing involves soaking intricately hand-carved wooden blocks in vegetable dyes and then stamping them on to cotton fabric.



Ikat is a nearly universal weaving style common to many world cultures that is likely one of the oldest forms of textile decoration.

In India, it is now typically produced in the south in states such as Andhra Pradesh.The dying process for ikat fabrics is similar to tie-dye, making use of intricate resist-dying to create beautiful and unique designs. Ikat fabrics are woven by hand on narrow looms in a fairly labor-intensive process.